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Blue Sunflowers.jpg

 I have a background in textiles design having studied Surface Pattern Design at university and it is this area of interest that has led to the work that I have been developing. 

 As an art teacher, I had very little time to explore the work that I wanted to do and was not sure of the direction in which I wanted to go. I had been painting the countryside around my home town in Devon and areas where I went walking in England and I continued with landscape painting in Provence.

Working with spray paints has evolved from the need to work on top of and into a texture rather than a white canvas.  Plant forms create great stencils and give a variety of tonal effects on which to paint; they are the detail within the landscape and in turn, the background within mine.  Through my work I am exploring the ideas of light and the tonal value of colour, striving to create perspective, distance and depth with colour and texture.

Last of the Sunflowers, Provence

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