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My process continues to evolve as I find new landscapes and areas within landscape to explore.  I enjoy the layering of colour that acrylics allow. Colours and forms emerge as the layering progresses and this starts from the forms that have been created through the spray paints. I like to let the paint travel across the surface of the canvas, finding its own path and adding to the depth within these layers.  The colours emerge as the landscape takes form, it is often at this stage that I can tell if the image is working or not, I have to be careful to allow the forms underneath to work with the layers I am adding.

Breaking Free

I am currently pushing my work to become looser, freer, more abstract to really explore where shape and form can be lost within the painting of landscape and colour and texture takeover. 

I am keeping the spray in the background and trying to let some come through.  This is the difficult part, not to lose the qualities underneath but let them merge and respond to the layers over the surface. 

Drawn to water

A constant in my work is water, either in a painting or when out sketching.  I have been working to capture the water, shapes, forms and reflections particularly where there are ducks.  I haven't resolved yet where these ideas will go!

Echoes of Light

 I have been searching for continued inspiration in and around my new home here in Denmark.   Through the winter I have kept returning to an exploration of the surface of water, something that I started in France.  I have noticed that the texture of the surface here as well as the colour palette is very different; this is something that I am grappling with mainly in sketchbooks but hope to resolve through my painting soon.


  I have many sketchbooks; those for observation drawing, exploratory drawings and ideas, for final paintings, colour swatches and experiments.    For monoprinting I have neat sketches made from my photographs taken when out walking.

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